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Feb 23

Written by: ghar
2/23/2009 10:51 AM

Lately when I watch television I see the role reversals have taken full root as far as what men and women are expected to do and how they are to instruct our children. Everywhere I turn I see women's exercises have taken on the form of kick boxing, regular boxing or other forms of former masculine type endeavor. Scientifically men remain the chief producers of testosterone with the testes and women remain the keeper of the womb and chief producers of estrogen which is attributable to love and kindness.

A lot of the role-playing that is now occurring on television shows a super masculine female that is able to defeat what in the 70's was labeled chauvinistic pigs while their wimp male counterparts look on with awe. These wimp male counterparts are portrayed as afraid males that are in wonderment as the females protect their hands from getting dirty.

I may be over exaggerating this point a little bit, but I don't think so, for this reverse of role-playing began with the woman's liberation movement which was used for the attainment of what was at the time called womans rights. That activism was usually lead by the lesbian activists of the time though that was not seen as at threat then, many of whom have regretted their revolt against the men of the era. Those men being brow beaten into submission, have become gay or afraid to speak up against the gays, for fear that they will be ridiculed. So we have blatant feminine sounding 'alleged' male hairstylists acting as though they are the men that these aggressive women want to put their hands on and vice versa. I can not apologize for revealing a supposed good move gone amuck.

Then there is an entirely different category such as Buffy the vampire slayer which makes her superhuman abilities with vampires archetypes which put an inaudible question mark in everyone's mind. Just watch as our young men and women attempt to make some sense out of the mentors that they have been given. You'll find a drastic increase in homosexuality, teen suicide and Prozac use. We now have acceptance by their elders, who should know better.

The difference between the sexes has been engineered into our lives for a reason so that what was once labeled insanity has now been accepted with this saying ( concerning these perversions) that they have no choice in the matter. Perhaps not, or perhaps they were sexually molested as children and hypnotized into believing that they were perhaps born with the wrong set of sexual apparatus.

What we now have is a reversal to the other side of the spectrum, while ignoring what the differences are, along with each sex's strengths and weaknesses. Somewhere in the middle is equality and respect.


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Re: Women are from Venus men are from Mars

I see it everywhere myself. In fact last night I was with some friends and family and there was one young woman who recently came out that she was gay. She already had many of the gay characteristics that lesbians tend to develop but when I happened sit across her at the dinner table, I glanced at her face and saw how beautiful her eyes were. I thought how much of a pity it that she has is gay. I knew that because of her lifestyle, even her beautiful eyes would invariably lose their charm. I wondered if what I saw was the woman that was still inside of her, begging to be let out…

Unfortunately, today even heterosexual women have a tendency to “butch” up by participating in traditionally masculine sports and occupations. All I have to do is take a look at the people who are running the senate and congress today. For the most part I see a group of selfish and greedy people made up of masculine women and emasculated men. It makes me wonder if we’re not living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah…

By selfdef on   2/28/2009 5:49 PM

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