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Apr 3

Written by: ghar
4/3/2009 10:25 PM


Everything changes and that is the only constant that there is in the material world. When a person has a realization that there is no-thing that exists, including themselves and they survive it they become a dead man (or woman) walking. That may sound rather bleak but it is the reality of discovering what everyone and everything is but don't believe it "look for yourself" as Douglas Harding might say but never in such a morbid fashion. It becomes nothing to be worked up about, even though it does not necessarily prevent the appearances of being worked up about something. There is little to be said about the found condition for anyone that resides there will speak of it differently.
Richard Rose taught the law of change as being a constant that must be accepted, though he too attempted to change things as it is the resultant responsibility of the teacher or father. He left a road map and a desire for his apparent life to have meaning even after he was gone. He left a system for retreating from fiction and backing into a more honest appraisal of our situation. He succeeded in reaching a few who had the capacity to hear in-between the words that he was saying.
He also worked at leaving a place for people to gather to discuss the issues that he devoted his life exploring. Someone that finds the answer to the origin of life does not try to tell you what that is but encourages you to look for yourself. That is why Rose wanted to leave half of his farm to those that were inclined to meet and look for their essence. He was a family man also that wanted half of the farm he left to go to his family. As I said everything changes and there are hidden agendas that surface that have powerful roots causing friendships to be destroyed and the legacy and wishes of a great man to be threatened.
There is a bit of wisdom that came from AA which Richard Rose often mentioned, though he never remembered all the words exactly at lectures he paraphrased it as being a powerful and honest message, I would like to end with what has been called the serenity prayer concerning the threatened destruction of Richard Roses wishes by his early departure and the selfish desires of bitterness that has taken up residency... “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


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