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Apr 23

Written by: ghar
4/23/2009 11:21 AM


It is disturbing the way the herd mentality still criticizes and attacks people who are only using there American freedom of speech.
Since the herd has decided that ‘gay is the way’ and a person who simply states that they feel that marriage should be between a man and a woman is chastised. This well publicized statement from a Miss America pageant contestant (Miss California) shows that the herd mentality still goes for hatred and intolerance. 
The Miss America pageant has taken on a new slant of animal rights activism. We now have a competition that offends the trans-gendered possessed entities. Miss California’s carefully prepared statement about same sex marriage has offended the troubled degenerate’s and DeGeneres’s male and female alike. If you are born ‘that way’ you were most likely fondled or sexually abused as a child.
Regarding spirituality many teachers have advised to become as a little child, meaning pure at heart and non-sexual. It is part of the program to be born with male or female sexual organs that are designed to reproduce and fit with the opposite. Gender-bending is a further untruth that needs to be ‘retreated from’ if one is inclined to search for Truth. The included link is to a tube video that promotes the unfortunates that are convinced that the human body is a playground, and like parts are meant to fit into exhaust and food intake ports. 
        Is that a flaming example frsked up or what??? This tangent needs addressed as unhealthy and spiritually unproductive. Most spiritual teachers avoid this issue for it is non-spiritual subject matter in most people’s opinion…. However !!!! I am bringing this to the forefront, for Richard Rose was very much concerned with showing students how to simplify their life and retreat from UN-truth. Celibacy was Mr. Rose’s main recommendation to people who worked at finding self definition--to take a vacation from the sexual urges in order to contain that energy which is related with the creative seeds of manifestation. In turn transmuting that energy to a higher, more subtle form and then return to the REPRODUCTIVE duty of being born male or female after definition was realized or middle age reached though for females having a child early is often a release from natures requirement earlier.
        What I see as the main issue: that going along with the herd lifestyle effectively further clouds the issue of truth at the most mundane level. As spiritual seekers we must insist on truth at all levels, not to change the world but to define for you just who or what you are. The herd mentality serves its own purpose--- fertilizing the world and reproducing little machines called people, which is part of the given program. To accept future confusion for the sake of hypnotic rapture is not helpful for those that pursue clarity with hopes of ultimate definition.


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