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May 4

Written by: ghar
5/4/2009 2:16 PM


The Law of Paradoxical Immanence in All Things Relative
     What has been called synchronicity is something that is observed by many if not all people. The idea of everything being connected and a reliance of interdependence that connects what we label coincidence often are found to be connected deeper than what was first noticed; and what has been hinted as the collective unconscious may be the substrate fabric of manifestation.
    We find that the sequence of the electrons and neurons are similar to the circling orbits of the planets around their stars and solar systems in a spiral galaxy. This may be the basis of the idea; as above so below. We find that the single reproductive cell may be a microcosm of the relatively huge human being or a small gnat or butterfly. We have found that speed is directly proportional to mass as is time and space.
   This is significant for we may notice that things may often be, or appear to be, the exact opposite of that which they were originally believed to be. One quote on synchronized from ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ by Lewis Carroll, in which the White Queen says to Alice: "It's a poor sort of memory that only works back wards", which speaks of our situation.
      It is possible to do things in a back wards and upside down illusion possibly. There is reason to hope and trust that there is a way out of this backward condition and at last experience glimpses of the mechanism that is creating the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave. And if that is possible. it might be that immanence/transcendence is one and the same, not two, but the same as seen from different perspectives as the observer becomes that which knows that knowing is not and “Here is not there, and it is not here. Time does not exist apart from space, and yet time is eternal.”
   I thought many times during my search for meaning that I was getting nowhere and it was impossible; well that was from the perspective that I had at the time. That little tiny meaningless speck of dust that had the brass importance of an individual who was unique--well he deserved the answer. That was accurate for a speck of dust, but not for the origin of that speck of dust. Both--yet neither is more truthful. So your efforts can be rewarded even if you have seen that the game is rigged and there is little that you actually do. It is all part of the procedure that you will know, and then know that ‘you’ don’t know, until you identify everything and find your definition along with the Absolute nature of nothing and everything. Persist and have faith that you are capable of unraveling the mystery.


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