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Jan 8

Written by: albigen
1/8/2009 5:19 PM

Check out the announcement on the home page. Feedback welcome.

Wiki could be used for ...

Albigen System principles, reviews of RR's books and books of other writers, brief excerpts from RR's recorded talks, or even [ insert your own ideas here ].

Benefits: Spontaneous exposition of Albigen System; an easy way to browse, even at random, through the wealth of information available; any member could post or a few people could take it on as a project; growth could be organic or planned.

Drawbacks: Could turn into a tangled mess.

For now it's open to members only, as an experiment. But later it could be made viewable by the public.

The approach taken (for example, only members can post while general public can view) would depend on how people conceive of it being used. Ideally we would want to help people organize the Albigen System mentally. On the downside would be an excess of conceptualization and group-think, as some groups adopt and rely on an accepted lingo.

Somebody might think up a creative way to use the feature, or alternatively it could be abandoned when the experiment is over.

It's not very pretty yet: the left column overhangs rather than wraps and the page isn't formatted properly. The developer is working on a new version, but there's no release date yet. Will be working with it. Feel free to try anything, you can't do any real damage.


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