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Dec 28

Written by: Mike
12/28/2008 9:28 AM

If we are lucky maybe sometime in life we will get the opportunity to examine the idea  that our very life itself is but a cast of the dice. Einstein's commentary on this possibility only covers one aspect of the dilema. The other is the idea that your life is scripted from the very first moment, down to which donut you will seclect to go with your morning coffee.  That's a real conundrum, if you find yourself caught up in the implications. 

However, most people spend no time whatsoever in such consderations, and are therefore spared the suffering and eventual release, from such meditations.  Those who do claim the result is unexpected value that seems impossibly out of proportion to the effort applied. In fact, they ague that no effort can be made, even though it seems that those who struggle, succeed.  They become enamored with and within the pradox that permeates all things, especially Spiritual endeavor.

Yet the persistent feeling remains, that we are somehow free to come and go as we please, and it certainly seems so, the great part of our lives.  Maybe only in moments of extreme trauma, focus, surrender, or bliss, do we get a hint otherwise, of how things really are.  And then we will return to wonder, was THAT Realization, too, all part of the very first cast of the dice?