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Jan 8

Written by: Mike
1/8/2009 4:03 AM

If a fellow has half a brain he'll realize at some point, and most likely the sooner the better, that he can go alot farther working with others than he can on his own, even though history is full of men who made themselves as a result of a solitary state of mind.  However, even those men, at some point, admit that at some point, they too, needed to engage with others in order to accomplish a goal. 

Naturally, then, in spiritual work, or Inner Work as Gurdjieff might say, it's possible that our efforts can in fact be multiplied when we engage the Other, as our helper. And we of course, engage as one of their Helpers. Some come to this realization late in life, or perhaps only come to any capacity, to work effectively with others, late in life. I was or am, one of that class. And I don't mind too much though it's been a constant source of pain and suffering throughout my life. Maybe that's what kept me from falling asleep, in the Gurdjieffian sense. Maybe that's what made it possible to realize my Self.  I can only presume so.

Someone asked me a long time ago, what it was like for me, at the moment of Transmission, with Richard Rose.  I never answered that question until now, perhaps, because I did not have the capacity to express anything meaningful in words.  And, just so you know, this website built by another Rose student, has provided me the fertile ground in which to plant my seed. This is an example of working with others, for it would take me three lifetimes to produce a web page such as this. I could not do it. I cannot do it. I will not do it. At least not today.

So it is to my tremendous advantage to have made the acquaintence of the fellow behind all this. Thank you Steve.  You da man! You edify me with your efforts, ands I hope that process will continue onto others who might stumble through this door, or portal.  That's a great word, because to me it always inplies a sort of entry into another mysterious realm. And the Inner World is indeed, a strange and mysterious realm.  Today for instance, I find myself writing my life story in a public forum. Who'da thunk it?  Surely not I.

 So back to the question, what was it like at that moment of Transmission?  It amazes me right now how eloquent that question really is.  Or actually, it's an opening, or a portal, into the world of that moment. All I have to do is step through it.  Maybe some of you readers someday will want to come along.  I hope so. 

People all want to know all the time what it's like on the Other Side.  What does the average Enlightened Sage actually think about, during the average day? Damn if I know, but I'd sure like to.  So why don't we ask him, right here, right now? How many want to do that??  I do!  I Do!  I DO!!!  (be careful when saying those words, they can get you into a lot of trouble if uttered in the wrong environment or setting).

So here's a good first question.  What was it like at the moment of Transmission? or, at the moment when you disappeared into Nothingness and became Everythingness?  Can you tell us a little about that, Michael? (I'm using my own name for lack of a better one at the moment).

Well, Jane, it was a real mindblowing experience, to say the least.  I mean in the fullest sense of the word.  You can't imagine what it feels like to watch your mind disappear, and then finally explode like so much dynomite!  Your sense of "I" scatters into a zillion little "I", all the same "me", like they say about the holographic universe. It's like I'm just everywhere all over the place and nowhere at the same time. I'm so big I disappear, if you get what I mean. I mean, like there's nothing left, everything is the universes is open to you, cause you ARE everything in the Universes!!  Heavy stuff, really.

Did I answer your question?

Uh huh, you sure did. Thank you.  But what then? What happened next? It sounds very exciting.

Well, I guess you say I merged with the Universes, and disappeared in some wierd way, but something that I always was and always will be, was watching, all the time. It never slept for an instant. It was a Living Awareness if you want. Something so full of NOTHING, that it IS everything.  Even time stopped, like there was no one there to count it. It was all one big freakin MOMENT, I can tell you that much. And then all of a sudden, me and Mr. Rose were walking down the frozen dirt road, toward the lake. That was it, I guess.

But actually, I messed that up a little bit.  The big explosion and implosion (the big ZERO) took place in my home town, a week or so earlier.  I had been reading The Three Books of the Absolute in front of the wood stove in my cabinetshop. It was a cold winter night. I sat with a blanket around my shoulders, in an ancient weather windsor chair with my feet propped up on a big beech log 'coffe table'.  And off I read. And off I went. BOOOM! All gone! Bye!! That's all folks. I literally got lost in the Immensity of my Self, if you can grok that. And I never came back, well, a little bit, enough to keep this machine functioning in some way. The thing with Mr. Rose was a week later, down at the Farm. 

He was pretty sneaky about it, though we'd been hanging out for a few days prior to that time.  If I can ever tell you what his Mind was really like, what it was like to be in total rapport with him, I would consider it the most important thing I could ever have done in my life.  I will make every effort to do so right here. But I gotta go to work soon, so I'll sign back on later and pick up then.  Thanks for asking me your questions. It really forces me to think about things, or recall as it were.

One more thing; it doesn't matter, in a way, how I got Here. And Here is NOW. That's where I am, or who I am. It's all one big thing. Everything is in "me". or I am everything all the time everywhere, and everywhere is right this very moment. It's almost like a big candy store, complete with rats, sugar, and everything in between.  In between is where the action is, if you want to go that route.


Re: Working with Others

'He was pretty sneaky about it, though we'd been hanging out for a few days prior to that time. If I can ever tell you what his Mind was really like, what it was like to be in total rapport with him, I would consider it the most important thing I could ever have done in my life. I will make every effort to do so right here. But I gotta go to work soon, so I'll sign back on later and pick up then.'

Have you finished work yet Mike? :-)

I want to know the rest of the story!!! In particular, how was Rose 'sneaky' about giving you the transmission? What was his Mind really like? Did you find, in the end, that your Minds were one?

What happened man????!?!


By Freedom on   3/16/2009 2:31 PM

Re: Working with Others

Yes there is only one Mind. We're all in it. This is easy to say, but frightening for most people when you get right down to it. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die (ego death) sums it up.

I'd have to reconnect with the Mood, to be able to write some details. Transmission isn't something 'given' so much as a door opening. You can walk through if you want, but many, and that includes a lot of older TAT members, recount stories of that very moment when then KNEW "It" was upon them, but they hesitated and/or backed off from fear. I had nothing to lose, so handled said moment differently. For whatever reason.

By Mike on   2/24/2009 2:57 PM