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Posting Guidelines and "Subscriptions" to Forums
Last Post 19 Jan 2009 08:21 PM by Albigen.Net Admin. 0 Replies.
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Albigen.Net Admin
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19 Jan 2009 08:21 PM  
If you want to receive an email of every post made to a thread or forum, just click the box to the left, just above the post-title or forum title.

Please be aware that other people are also subscribed, and that they may get a fresh email whenever you edit or update your post.

1. So generally it will be a best practice if you carefully check your work before you post.

And don't you hate to lose a post after working on it for several minutes and then, poof, you hit the wrong button and it's gone? Or your computer locks up and you have to reboot?

2. If you have something more than a paragraph, you may want to use your text editor (wordpad or whatever) and save your work periodically as you write. Then copy and paste it here into a post, check it once more, and then pull the trigger.

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