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Ramana with Muruganar

"My Heart was sunk in the sleep of delusion, and my self-obsessed mind swept up in a whirlwind of dreams, so that the Real Glory of His True Nature was hidden from me until He revealed It in all its majestic splendor. Such is the compassion of my Lord and God."

"In the parched desert of my sinful life I groaned in agony, trembling with fear, until my Lord put an end to my suffering and revealed to me in the sight of men that state of Grace which even the gods cannot know."

"My mind’s activity along with my ego subsided and fell into total abeyance so that no object of thought existed within my consciousness. Then, in that overflowing emptiness, did I experience the goal of the Self, eternal and ever present, as my own True goal."

Ramana Maharshi and Advaita

Richard Rose discovered Ramana Maharshi almost by accident, having come across "Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi" while searching for used spiritual books, rather than being attracted to the teacher by reputation. However, he consistently referred to Ramana Maharshi as one of the highest teachers, and in his own talks RR frequently referred to the following diagram as a synopsis of states of consciousness and realization:

Mind in Sleep Kevala Nirvikalpa
Sahaja Nirvikalpa

1. Mind alive 1. Mind alive 1. Mind dead
2. Sunk in oblivion 2. Sunk in Light 2. Resolved into the Self
  3. Like a bucket tied to a rope and left lying in the water in a well 3. Like a river discharged into the ocean and its identity lost
  4. to be drawn out by the other end of the rope 4. A river cannot be redirected from the ocean

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