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Joseph Sadony

Note: a new Sadony "official" website has been established at The Valley Of The Pines:

Links to Sadony's works at Gates of the Mind.Com

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Gates of the Mind - Main Page

Collections of entertaining and penetrating aphorisms by Joseph Sadony:
Full text: "Quotations from the Conversations, Correspondence and Editorial Page
Column of an American Thinker"
Gates of the Mind
Full text: Sadony's autobiography
The Human Radio
Full Text: "Extracts from an Unpublished Manuscript"
Fragments in Plastic Prose
A collection of fragments published in a number of newspapers and periodicals.
Pine Needles
A collection of cryptic, intriguing "Needles" from the Valley of the Pines
The Golden Chalice
"I was blindly groping my way through a world of dreams seeking for truth.
The ceiling of my little room turned into a cloud; and from the cloud came
an echo to my thoughts"

Direct links to shorter pieces

The Silent Wanderer
An Awakening
Crumbs from a table spread - I
Crumbs from a table spread - II
From The Bow of the Ship
The Whisper
Give Thought

For Sadony's letters, scroll down on the main page

Gates of the Mind