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Franz Hartmann: The Practical Way

A workshop on Hartmann was presented at the September 2007 TAT Conference, which had the theme “What are You Becoming?” The workshop, entitled "Franz Hartmann: The Practical Way" was presented to small groups in separate sessions. Some notes from the event are reproduced below; can you remember which contribution was yours?

Hartmann (1838 - 1912) — author, physician, theosophist, occultist, astrologer—wrote in his book, Magic White and Black: "Where can man find the truth? If he seeks deep enough in himself he will find it revealed, each man may know his own heart. He may let a ray of the light of intelligence into the depths of his soul and search its bottom, he will find it to be as infinitely deep as the sky above his head."

For more information on Hartmann, see Franz Hartmann - Biography at Mystic Missal.Org

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