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Dec 20

Written by: Mike
12/20/2008 8:29 AM

Austistic thinking isn't thinking at all, if you want to get right down to it. Austistic people have little or no 'sense of self' as people ordinarly understand it. People with autism communicate by Direct Mind, if they communicate at all. Nor do they have an "ego", as the term is commonly understood.  Austic people live in the Now, and have the mind state of a child: ie; they are everything,if you can pick that up. This is almost impossible to understand for so-called "normal" people, who are egocentrically based organisms. 

Richard Rose believed that austistics were in touch with "God". Matter of fact, there's a geat book by William Stillman called Autism and the God Connection, and an even better one by the same author called The Soul of Autism.  However, I did not learn the above by reading or research, but by direct experience.  I have worked with austistic people for the past 8 years,  and am myself, on the autism spectrum under the label Asperger's Syndrome.