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Dec 25

Written by: Mike
12/25/2008 6:15 PM

What does it mean to be a warrior, a soldier for Truth?  Is such an expression a mere play on words, a fancy sounding echo of something from long ago, or the movie theaters? Or is it a real possibility, a state of being so intense that every moment of every day is filled with opportunity for death, and hence, by implication, Enlightenment? If we are to believe the writings by and about Japan's Samurai warriors, who lived by the Bushido code, then it is more than a fantasy fairytale. It's something we can DO! if we want to badly enough.

What would a spiritual warrior actually do with his time? He might be a banker or a baker, or a carpenter or a school teacher. But like the odd fellows in the movie Fight Club, it's their hidden life that makes them REAL, or at least more real than me and you. But I suggest we don't need to carry steel swords, or box bare-fisted beating each other into a pulp, in order to live the warrior's life.  We can do all of the above, and more, with our minds. That's the key to real Spiritual attainment. We become soldiers of Truth, and stop at nothing to achive our objective, and guard our gains.  We are willing to die, for Truth. And that's no laughing or trivial matter.

More on that later...