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Jan 2

Written by: Mike
1/2/2009 4:52 AM

My Teacher, Richard Rose, used to say it doesn't matter what you do, but you have to do something, you have to function in some way, in the human family, and that the only human relationship is one of helping another. After years of reflection, I am finally able to reach the same conclusion. 

Functioning IS good, for every individual. If we don't do anything, we puddle down into apathy, and death. And the mind can die a long time before the body. It is this condition we desire to avoid, or at least I do anyway. 

The question becomes, then, at some point, what is it I can do to contribute to the success or survival of this vast human family? Now common sense tells us that help may appear in many forms. Rose talked about physical, mental, and spiritual help we might give to others. He believed, as do I, that Spiritual help is the most important to the individual, though it might not be to the larger human family concerned with comfortable physical survival.

Our task then becomes to find the highest level of functioning of which we are capable, and then lean out over that far edge whenever we can, to become even more communicable. There is great joy in discovering and living that particular adventure for which we were born. Not necessarily what we want to do, but what we're supposed to be doing. For I believe if we ask in selfless sincerity, what we are here to accomplish, or to "work at", as Rose might say, that we will be rewarded beyond all expectation with opportunities to express that inner purpose.