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Mar 22

Written by: albigen
3/22/2009 12:40 PM

Lately I've been delinquent from this site but not through lack of effort ... the transcriptions project is seeing some signs of life with two people besides myself dedicating a portion of their free time to transcribing some of the recorded talks. There are many to do. If not for ourselves then for posterity all the talks should be committed to writing, and the only way to efficiently manage the process will be to put them into a searchable database. So I hit upon setting up a wiki - same software that Wikipedia uses - to be used as a content management system for the project. Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions the site can't be made visible to the public, and setting up security for the site is one of several technical issues to be resolved before the site comes online. Consequently I've been buried in computer books lately - Linux, MySQL, PHP, etc. The wrong side of the tracks as far as the brain is concerned. Linux is a peculiar form of samsara which combines elements of both heaven and hell, but at least it's an escape from the other bardo known as Microsoft.

Now would be your chance, if you're interested in the teachings of RR, to apply your mind in an intense way in an exercise that has to be experienced to be appreciated, Transcribing a talk really brings the mind into focus, a result of the subject material, the inspiration by R himself, in combination with your own concentration, which in turns lights up the mind and helps you internalize the teaching in a way that's much more effective than just listening to tapes. Additionally there's a commonly experienced phenomena of mental inattentiveness or distraction that occurs while listening to tapes that only becomes evident when you're forced to put the words on paper. You suddenly find parts of the tape that never registered because the brain was occupied with strings of associations stirred up by earlier comments.

So this is an open invitation for anyone who wants to participate. The website is only a stub as of this week, but for some more on the transcription process you can see this page:

Since we're abiding by copyright restrictions we have to restrict visibility of the site to those helping with the project, but this means that in addition to the benefit you receive from your own work, you'll be able to see what the other people are doing with the talks they have selected.

I've put some research into legalities and will post a link to that material in a couple of days.

Let me know if you want to help in the effort.


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Re: Transcriptions project

This a very productive idea, count me in albigen. Oh, BTW the the workday at the TAT retreat center occurred on a sunny spring day at the farm and all is ready for the April Intensive. We even made a new trail that goes to Mikes cabin. I hope to see everyone there. - Gary

By Gary Harmon on   3/22/2009 3:02 PM

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