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Mar 29

Written by: Miami
3/29/2009 1:22 AM

Here's an example from their daily quote service, a good observation for these days of turmoil



"They stir up rage in citizens by reminding them of the weakness and stupidity of people in power."

from - SOLVED The Mystery of Life, p. 147

"Whether a person is aware of it or not, he is assaulted constantly by misleading and hostile voices within the mind. They speak both through you and to you. Everyone is their target, but because of their extreme cunning, few people ever detect and dismiss them. So the only problem is a lack of information about these foreign voices. The curing facts are as close as your desire for them.

It is extremely important for you to remember the following truth: these hurtful voices ARE NOT you, and they do not belong to you, but merely speak through your psychic system. Don't take them as being your own voices, any more than you take radio voices as being your own. They simply USE unaware human beings. Your true nature has nothing to do with them. When finally dismissing these sinister speakers you make room for spiritual health and true life."

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