Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Pittsburgh Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group

  • About Us
  • The PSI group provides a non-dogmatic environment where people seeking to discover a true understanding of themselves and their place in the cosmos can work together. It encourages individual investigation and application of the teachings of people throughout history who have claimed successful discovery of the answer to the "Who am I?" question (see the Maximum Systems page for some examples). And it serves as a matrix where each individual's progress can be accelerated by helping and being helped.

    Those who participate in the meetings find that they:

    • Become more self-aware.
    • Gain clarity and self-control.
    • Come to rely on their own authority.

    Those who are willing to work on themselves find a structure for accelerating their progress, including:

    • Group retreats.
    • Recommended books.
    • People to talk with.
    • Weekend workshops.
    • Solitary retreats.

    In addition to the local resources, there is a wider group of people to affiliate with, some of whom have found an ultimate answer and are motivated to help you do the same. (See the Background note below.)

    Perhaps most importantly, you will find friendship with others who see the goal of self-knowledge or self-definition as the highest goal of an individual's life -- and each individual's true calling and purpose.