Monday, June 24, 2024
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Your participation in the construction of this website is invited.

This site is a working and communications tool for individuals and groups using the Albigen system of self-knowledge described by Richard Rose in his book The Albigen Papers.

This site does not attempt to explain the system, i.e., to duplicate information published elsewhere by the TAT Foundation and friends of TAT, or by Richard Rose himself.

The intent is to apply the system, i.e., to encourage practice, rather than to be an archive of information.

The aims of this site are primarily as follows:

  • To help the reader organize and access the multitude of Albigen-related sources of information on the web.
  • To provide an informal and flexible format to encourage spontaneous exchange of information.
  • To promote conversation and communication among friends of TAT.

The vehicle to deliver this service is primarily via user-controlled pages:

  • Editors of external Albigen sites can control pages on this site, where they can announce new material on their sites, future editions, etc.
  • Albigen working groups in locations around the country can control pages describing their activities, providing contact information if desired, with inquiry forms available to the public who want to know more about the group.
  • Invited writers can control their own blogs and/or forums, in an informal and interactive context, with less administrative overhead (coding) than be obtained via static web pages.
  • Individuals can begin ad-hoc forums (conversations) on topical issues.
  • Individuals can host and personalize their own blogs (or personal web pages) visible at their choice either to the general public or in members-only areas.
  • Content by individuals or groups can by syndicated via RSS.
  • External RSS feeds or XML files can by drawn into user pages on this site.

To enable this structure technically, this site implements granular security (reading and editing permissions) initially planned as follows ...

  • Portions of the site can be read by anonymous (unauthenticated) users.
  • Users who wish to register with a valid email account can post comments/questions in the public areas.
  • Users who are "members" have access to non-public content. These individuals are TAT Foundation members, people who are current or former participants in Albigen system groups, or who are otherwise friends of TAT.
  • Access to pages or portions of pages can be granted or restricted based on "roles" (in a computer-security sense) or on an individual basis. This means discussion of topics on a non-public (personal) nature can managed without unnecessarily compromising privacy.
  • As an illustration, each Albigen working group (in some city) can have a page viewable by the general public; the group can also have a news area (page or portion of the home page) which can be viewable only by TAT members, and another area which is viewable only by members who attend group meetings in that city. One or more members of that group will have editorial control over pages related to the group.
  • All of the above bears the general caveats of internet communications. The site has security features but once content is accessed by members, what becomes of the information is in the hands of the members. If in doubt about discussing a subject, please don't post it here. Topics considered "too personal" should and will be deleted, in the absence of prior discussion with the site administrator. (We already have had to delete some.) Please use common sense.

This site is currently a work-in-process and should always be considered as such: a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

The website administrator considers himself to be a student, not a teacher.

Comments are very welcome: please send to "manager" at albigen dot net.