Thursday, May 23, 2024
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This is a work in process; please feel free to ask questions on either technicals or content using the Contact Site Admin page under the Home menu choice.

Technical information

What are the technical requirements for using this site?
Fairly new browser with cookies enabled. Registration requires a valid email address. Older versions of Internet Explorer seem to have problems with some of the javascript that powers the site. Fast internet connection helps. If you have difficulty with font size, try holding down your Ctrl key while adjusting the roll button on your mouse.
How are security roles assigned?
Discussion of user roles appears in the "About this site" tab under the Home page. Participants are individuals who are TAT Foundation members and/or working in satellite Albigen System groups. Security roles are assigned on an individual basis. If you are not a TAT member and wish to submit material for consideration, please email manager at albigen dot net.
How do I edit a page?
Edit rights can be set for each module on a page and for the page itself. If you have edit rights to a module or page, you will see rectangles or other signals around the areas you can edit. There are two text editors, rich-text and plain-text. The plain-text editor can be set to accept either plain text (no tags) or html. It is not very forgiving but is very easy once you get the hang of it.
Site navigation features?
The site is designed for easy navigation, with multiple paths to each destination. The "bread crumb" trail located above the main menu can help you retrace your steps via the file structure.
Style uniformity within site?
The pages in the site are configurable with various options, and page editors have access to rich text and html editing tools. Discretion will largely be in the hands of page editors, but help is always available from the site manager. Browser compatibility is always an issue. Pages on this site appear differently for IE, Firefox, other browsers. Some readers will require larger type. (Like me, before I had my cataract surgery.)
How was the portal constructed?
Using DotNetNuke, currently at version 4.9, implementing Asp.Net 2.0 and an SQL database. 99% of content is stored in the database, the fetching of which accounts for the slight delay when accessing pages.
Bookmarks and URLs?
Recently a user-friendly Url system was implemented. Bookmarks made under the old system should still work. However, if friendly-Urls are temporarily turned off for site maintenance you will get an error page if you made a bookmark using the friendly Url. But you can still get the site at and navigate to the page using the top menu or the site map. Old system: Each page is identified by a "tab ID" which can be seen in the Url. For example the tabid of this page is "66". Pages are accessed and delivered by the string "tabid/" plus a number, and the rest of the Url is irrelevant. If the page is moved or renamed the tabid stays the same. This gives flexibility to the site.
Syndication and RSS feeds?
Blogs on this site have the possibility of being syndicated. This means you can draw posted content automatically into your own website or to your desktop using an RSS reader.