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First Know Thyself

First Know Thyself - Umbrella Site

People in the groups represented by FirstKnowThyself.Org have widely varying backgrounds but they have some common denominators: They are sincerely looking for real answers in life and they trace their roots back to Richard Rose, a seeker who found and who dedicated his life to helping others do the same. These groups are loosely organized under an umbrella group, the TAT Foundation (they are affiliated with TAT but not controlled by it) and they generally follow the spiritual path outlined in the Albigen Papers and other books by Richard Rose.

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Athens, Georgia Spiritual Discussion Group

Buenos Aires Discussion Group

Columbus ,Ohio Discussion Group

South Florida Discussion Group

Greensburg, Pennsylvania Self-Inquiry Group

Highlands, Colorado Self-Inquiry Group

Lubbock, Texas Self Inquiry Group

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group

Portland, Maine Self-Inquiry Group

Raleigh, North Carolina Self-Inquiry Discussion Group

Wheeling, West Virginia Philosophic Inquiry Forum